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Welcome to ArtFelt Pet Portraits. 
Art that's hand crafted from the heart.... 

Because they always leave paw prints on our hearts....

Meet the crafter....

Hi, my name is Wendy and I love everything arts and crafts! I have been a crafter for about 6 years now and whilst I have always being arty, I discovered my niche to create crafts in the height of the loom band craze!! 

Now I am following my dream of creating a variety of items through various arts and crafts techniques, which I have discovered through the wonders of the internet. I am mainly self-taught and have learnt to crochet, needle felt, wet felting, sculpturing with polymer clay and making ball jointed dolls. I first started with making crochet items as the Crafty Cow and have  since expanded to ArtFelt Pet Portraits as I perfected my needle felting technique.

Although I do love a good dabble, needle felting, wet felting and crochet are my specialities that I focus on to create and sell. Technically I am known as a Fibre Artist but at heart I am artist, thoroughly revelling in the enjoyment that I take from creating and crafting. 

Please check out my Blog or get in touch with me directly via the Contact page if you have any special requests, questions or enquiries. Why not browse my online shop for a selection of  items in stock, which are regularly updated or for details on how to commission your very own unique pet portrait. Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you like what you see and hope to see you again soon!


What are needle felted pet portraits?

Hello animal lovers, thanks for visiting my website. What are needle felted pet portraits? As a crafter my real passion is needle felting which is a method of using a particular type of wool, known as carded wool, to create various types of wool felted items such as portraits, pictures and three-dimensional figures.

Sometimes our pets are our fur babies, at times they are our constant companions but most of the time they are our best friends. Whichever way we see our pets, they are a very important part of our life and they give us their love, loyalty and devotion. In turn, we love them, we adore them and we cherish them everyday of their lives. But unfortunately when they leave us, we cant help but miss them with all of our hearts and cherish all of the memories and photos that we have of them. I started creating pet portraits as a tribute to our memories, love and affection of our pets.

Although creating the portraits is a very time-consuming process, the end results fare very rewarding for me which drives my passion to create the most life like portraits, using  the finest quality materials. I always make sure that I capture every detail and quirky characteristics of your pets personality to make it a portrait to treasure for life! 

My portraits are made on a commission basis, however I will also have other animal portraits, needle felted sculptures and crocheted items available to purchase from my online shop which will be regularly updated.

There are some examples of my completed portraits in the gallery. Please follow me on my social media pages, check out my blog or get in touch via the contact page. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Because they always leave paw prints on our heart....

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