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My promise

"I promise to always use the finest materials when creating your portrait and I will make every effort to capture the character and true likeness of your pet"

Because they always leave paw prints on our hearts....

Important Notice

Commissioning a portrait - How it works

I hand craft pet portraits using a technique called needle felting and always use the finest quality materials to ensure that I capture the very essence and character of your beloved pet.

I work on a commission basis and its very important that I have a high quality picture or photo to work from. Please submit your enquiry via the Contact page or by emailing me at;  attaching your picture or photo (s) and the size of portrait that you would like (see my shop for the various portrait size options). You will be advised if there is a waiting list and the possible waiting times. However, most portraits will take between 4 and 7 days to complete, but no longer than 14 days, once started. Please see the order process and photo requirements below and my Term's and Condition's for further details.

Commissioned Portrait Order Process

  1. Submit your enquiry and picture.
  2. I will confirm if the picture or photo submitted is suitable, the order, price, and the estimated completion date.
  3. Once you confirm the order, a 50% deposit will be required before I can start the portrait.
  4. When the deposit has been received, I will email confirmation and a portrait start date. You can cancel the order before the start date and the deposit will be refunded.
  5. Once started, the order can not be cancelled and the deposit will be non-refundable.
  6. Half way through the portrait, I will email photos for your review, where you can request any minor changes, if it is required.
  7. I will update you of any changes to the estimated completion date, if necessary.
  8. Once finished, you will receive an email confirming the completion of the portrait. The email will have instructions for the final payment of the outstanding amount.
  9. Your portrait will be despatched via the listed shipping options, within one working day of receiving the final payment.
  10. I would appreciate any feedback and your reviews on my service and the completed portrait.

Please click on the Term's and Condition's button below for more information.

Photo requirements

I need a high resolution, preferably high quality picture of the subject animal.  A head and shoulders photo would be better, unless we have discussed a full animal body portrait. This should be taken outside if possible in shaded natural light, but not bright sunlight as this creates too many shadows and if possible taken from your pet’s height.
The photo must be a clear photo with no blurriness.
Additional photos would be helpful, such as close up of eyes, any features, and different angles, etc.
You must own the photograph. It should not be subject to any copyright issues. So unfortunately studio photos are not suitable.
If you have any concerns about your photo, you can email it to me, as I may be able to work with the photo or use photo editing software to enhance the image so that it can be worked with.
You must be happy and accept that I reserve the right to reproduce images of your photo and portrait for marketing purposes.


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